Double Bedroom (islan)


Double Bedroom (islan)

€ 40a night

Room Details

Double Bed Free Internet Free Newspaper
25 square meter Beach view  +2 persons
Double Bed Free Internet Breakfast included
Private Balcony Flat Screen TV Jacuzzi


Doubles (islan)

Islan refers to a wife and a husband in their wedding day and this room offers one bed for a married couple. This room is also decorated in a Moroccan style with a panoramic view of the area from the window and designed to be highly comfortable having private bathroom, flat screen TV, air conditioning, and WIFI to be easily accessed to the net.

Other Rooms

Single Room (izli)
€ 30a night

Singles (izli)

  • Incl. breakfast
  • Private balcony
  • Sea view
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Incl. breakfast
  • Bathroom
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